My inspiration comes usually late at night. Like right now when I’m writing a post at almost midnight. It comes at complete random. Sometimes I go weeks without inspiration and then it hits me in a wave and I go and create a lot.

This can sometimes be a problem. With blogs consistency is key. I could go for weeks without writing and then write three posts in a single day. This eventually leads me nowhere and is totally unfair to you.

So I need a way to make the flow on creativity consistent. For me the easiest to do that is to just go and start writing. I usually end up with something decent and more ideas than what I started with.

Let me tell you a story. I work in many different mediums. I particularly enjoy art. One time I was in art class during one of my creativity dry spells. Lets just say my teacher was not very happy that I hadn’t drawn anything in weeks. So I drew the first thing that came to my head. Ramen. Let me tell you that is one of my favorite art pieces I’ve ever done. It’s stylized and minimalistic and overall just awesome. The just do anything method worked very well.

This do anything even if it is horrible method usually works pretty well for me. The problem is I rarely ever use it. Why? For one sometimes I just don’t feel like creating. The second reason is procrastination. Usually tumblr. A third reason inaccessibility, I do not want to walk all the way across my room, dig through drawers to find my sketchbook, gather supplies, and clear a workspace. I am basically one of the laziest people alive. The final reason, time. I just don’t have time, I have school, the podcast, extracurriculars and a lot of other stuff to do, sometimes I just do not have the time to sketch or write.

So what can I do to find inspiration and create more. First clean workspace (room) and a central place for supplies so I don’t have to search for the stuff I need.Find more time. This usually consists of finishing my schoolwork early and creating after, instead of procrastinating on my work, or even using creation to procrastinate on the important things. Next, to stop procrastinating. I will sometimes use Tumblr or Pinterest to procrastinate. I could just be doing nothing, or claim that I am looking for inspiration. Sometimes inspiration becomes procrastination. That is why is usually never use the internet for inspiration. Usually when I am searching for inspiration I am just procrastinating. That is why the just do anything approach is what I typically use.

Inspiration has never been a straight line for me. For some people their family, friends, or pets are their inspiration. For others nature or their Pinterest boards. For me, inspiration just happens. There has never been a clear source and usually comes straight from my head. Maybe their is a place where my inspiration is coming from but I have not yet found it. The search must continue. Onward.

Thanks for reading and for all of your support. Sorry if this seems a little jumbled. How do you find inspiration? Comment down below.




6 thoughts on “Inspiration”

  1. Finding or digging out inspiration is difficult when you don’t have any idea or if you just aren’t motivated for it!
    What I do is that I scribble down all my ideas when I get them and I leave them for the rainy days. If I have an idea for artwork, I write it down and I do the actual art work when I have no idea what to do. I find that getting started on art helps me get started in writing too!


  2. I totally relate to this! I often have writer’s and artist’s block. Like you, one thing I do to help is to just get something on paper. I have an art journal that I write and draw in every day, which keeps me creating (even if it is awful). I totally feel you- I can get either very inspired or very distracted on Pinterest haha. Neat post! And I love the name of your blog 🙂


  3. I have always wanted to start a blog but I am also like you. I am very inconsistant. It was usually just a problem of what to talk about. i recently started my first real blog and I feel that I have an interesting story to tell, I just talk about my events in my life and it is very easy to find something to write about


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