The Effects of Music

Music. Something I am convinced has existed since the beginning of time. Why do we love it so much? Because it takes us somewhere else. It tells a story and conveys emotion.

My favorite music to listen to when I’m feeling stressed, angry, confused, upset or I just really need to concentrate are The How to Train Your Dragon Soundtracks. Why them because it brings me somewhere else.

When I first saw the How to Train Your Dragon Movies, I fell in love. I was so mystified with that little Island called Berk. I loved the idea of having a dragon. A best friend who was always there for me, having the ability to fly, the ability to be free. I felt like I was stuck in the boring life that I was living and Berk was something so much greater. Whenever I feel stressed or scared or worried I go back and I watch the movies. They calm me down, they bring me somewhere else that is so much better than here. I  never feel so grounded. It’s ironic, right?

Then one day I decided to look up the soundtrack.  Then I discovered that the music amplified the effect the movie had on me. Something about that score makes me feel at peace. I could close my eyes and imagine that I was living in a little Viking village or flying high on the back of a dragon. I could imagine that I was somewhere without all the hate in the world. I could imagine a place where I belonged.

I love all types of music, Big Band Music, Musical Soundtracks, 80’s pop, Classic Rock, the weird emo music my sister listens to. Anything but country.

To me, good music is music that inflicts emotion. The music that makes me feel safe. The music that reminds me of home. The music that pumps me up. The music that plays in my dad’s car. The music that brings me somewhere else.

Do you have music that brings you somewhere else? Comment down below. Now I’ve gotta go and rewatch How to Train Your Dragon. If you are also obsessed with HTTYD drop a comment below we can obsess together. 😉 Thanks for reading.




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