The Three Sides of Claire

In the real world people know me as me. Here online things are a little different. Online I have three sides. The first side is my personal side. This is my personal instagram, twitter, etc. The side that people from work and school see and interact with me on. The second side I like to call my tumblr side. This side is my tumblr blogs, the side I interact with the people of the internet. These people know me by what I am truly interested in. Tumblr is a place where I can be myself. I can rant about politics, reblog funny vines, and interact with people more like me.  The tumblr side and the personal side never cross streams except with very close friends and my sister.

Now there is a third side. This side is the blog and podcast side. This place is the middle ground. Here I have the same freedom as the tumblr side but there is more chance this will be discovered by the personal side.

Now some people have just one side. All their social media and online content reflects themselves and their real lives. For example Casey Neistat, everyone knows Casey as Casey Neistat and people on his personal side can see and interact with his online side and the other way around. This is typical with celebrities, popular content creators, and vloggers.

Now smaller content creators, for example smaller youtube channels more focused on privacy have two sides online and personal. They do this to keep their viewers from finding their personal side. They want to have a place to interact strictly with family and friends. Which is understandable.

I keep my sides separate  for a much different reason. I don’t want the personal side to find the online side. Why? Because highschoolers can be very cruel people. I don’t want them finding it because they will eventually take over. Most people on the personal side aren’t very close friends and to be honest I don’t want them judging my online side. There once was a girl at my school she had a youtube channel. The people at school found it and made fun of  her for it so she eventually just took it down. I do not want that to happen to me.

Also, typically in the real world I am an avoid confrontation type of person and people finding this blog would ruin that and I would be forced to talk to people about it. Not that I am embarrassed by this blog or don’t like talking to people about it. It is that people that I know in the real world are not the people I want to talk about it with.

Eventually the sides will start to blend together, but not until I am confident enough to let the people outside in.

Just because I keep the sides separate doesn’t mean I am fake on any side of the internet. It is just the part of me that I choose to show online or in the real world.

Do you have multiple sides on the internet? Comment Below.  Thanks for reading.



6 thoughts on “The Three Sides of Claire”

  1. I guess you’re right. I didn’t know before but I do have a different side when it has anything to do with the internet and online communities.


    1. Yeah, at first I didn’t really notice at first, but now I think about it all the time. It may be that there is more freedom online and more anonymity. Also, it is easier to find like minded people online.


      1. Yeah Kinda, Its not really directly a diary it is more like my opinions on the world and what is going on around me. But yeah, writing a blog is a lot like writing a diary, except its on the internet for everyone to see. Also there is a interaction aspect with your viewers. But it is a lot like writing a diary, for me anyway.

        Some people post tutorials and stuff which is not really like a diary, but mine definitely is.


  2. I started thinking about this, after I read your post, and I realised I’m the same. I have the personal side too, which is… Non-existent really, because I never post anything interesting. On my blog, I feel like I’m the ‘real me’ if that makes sense? 😛 So I really relate to your post!


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